Colle époxy Gorilla

The two-component transparent and clogging adhesive.

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Gorilla Epoxy epoxy glue offers a durable and resistant adhesion for vehicle repairs and in the home. The easy-to-use syringe allows an even distribution of resin and hardener in equal amounts which, when mixed, provide permanent, long-lasting and water-resistant adhesion.

The formula of Gorilla two-component epoxy adhesive with thick joint, which takes 5 minutes, easily bonds steel, aluminum, glass, wood, ceramics, tiles and most plastics *. It remains transparent and gives an immaculate appearance to your finishes.

Dangerous product, observe the precautions for use

* Use not recommended on polyethylene or polypropylene or any similar material.

Fiches de données de sécurité

Haute résistance

Prise en 5 minutes

Résistance à l’eau

La colle durcie supporte des températures extrêmes*

*Application Temperature 10°C to 37°C Cured Temperature -23°C to 82°C
  • Remains transparent during drying

Ideal for a simple and clean finish.

  • Recapping

Fills small cavities and allows the assembly of irregular and vertical supports.

  • Setting time: 5 minutes

Provides enough time to reposition the brackets for a perfect fit.

  • Water resistant

Withstands moderate exposure to water.

  • Easy to use syringe

Separate resin and hardener compartments prevent the epoxy glue from hardening.

Mise en œuvre
1. Préparation

Remove the cap from the piston. With the tip facing upward, cut or break the tip of the syringe tip clean. With the tip still facing up, remove the air and ensure a uniform dosage by slowly pushing in the plunger until the resin and hardener reach the tip.

2. Dosage

Dispense equal amounts of resin and hardener on a clean, disposable surface. The blister pack can be used as a mixing tray. Mix until the color is uniform.

3. Application

Apply to the surface in 5 minutes. The longer the glue waits to be applied, the more it loses its adhesive power.

Finally, slightly withdraw the plunger. Wipe the tip of the syringe with a dry cloth. Align the notch on the tip of the syringe with that of the cap. You will hear a click when the cap is properly closed.

4. Nettoyage / rangement

Finally, slightly withdraw the plunger. Wipe the tip of the syringe with a dry cloth. Align the notch on the tip of the syringe with that of the cap. You will hear a sound when the cap is properly closed.

Store in a cool, dry place.


  • What is the application temperature range for Gorilla Epoxy epoxy glue?

Gorilla Epoxy epoxy adhesive can be applied between 10 ° C and 37 ° C. Once hardened, it withstands temperatures between -23 ° C and 82 ° C.

  • How should Gorilla Epoxy epoxy glue be stored?

The shelf life of Gorilla Epoxy epoxy glue is two years maximum. The glue is not activated before the resin and the hardener come into contact with each other. The shelf life is probably much longer if the tip is wiped off after each use and the cap is properly replaced. Note the notch on the cap and align it with the notch on the tip of the syringe to prevent the two components from being accidentally mixed.

  • Should we use clamps?

Yes, it is recommended to use clamps during setting to ensure proper formation of the joint. Apply the adhesive within 5 minutes of mixing the resin and the hardener. Then assemble the surfaces and do not touch them for 30 minutes.

  • What can be used in place of the mixing tray or mixing stick?

When using two-component epoxy glue, it is important to mix the resin and hardener well. If you no longer have the original mixing tray, we recommend using a container of equal size. The underside of an aluminum can can do the trick instead of a flat surface object.

  • Can Gorilla Epoxy epoxy glue bond plastic / vinyl / rubber?

Gorilla Epoxy epoxy glue is well suited for PVC sheets, but it is not recommended to use it on PVC pipes or certain plastics with low surface energy, such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) or certain types. rubbers with a high oil or plasticizer content.

  • Is Gorilla Epoxy epoxy adhesive food grade?

As Gorilla Epoxy epoxy adhesive is not suitable for direct or indirect food contact, it should not be considered to be of food grade.

  • How to remove Gorilla Epoxy epoxy glue from a surface?

Clean the surface while the epoxy glue is still wet / uncured. To do this, wipe off as much glue as possible and clean the remaining product / residue with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or acetone according to the manufacturer’s instructions or with soapy water. To remove the hardened / dried glue, mechanical means such as sanding or scraping must be used.

  • How to remove Gorilla Epoxy epoxy glue from the skin?

In case of skin contact, use acetone and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) according to the manufacturer’s instructions to effectively remove uncured adhesive. Soapy water is also effective, but several washes may be necessary to completely remove traces of glue from the skin.

  • If a person or animal has ingested Gorilla epoxy glue, what should be done?

Pour toute urgence médicale, veuillez consulter immédiatement un médecin. Appelez le SAMU au 15 ou le centre antipoison au +33 (0)1 45 42 59 59. Pour les urgences animales, contactez immédiatement un vétérinaire.


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